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Beyond the legislative compliance requirement, regular maintenance promotes safer and more efficient operation of your equipment. ICH place significant value and invest heavily in making sure our customers receive thorough and effective planned maintenance, whether it be a single property or an estate of several hundred locations.
ICH deliver a planned maintenance service that delivers on the following benefits:
  • Legislative Compliance
  • Efficient Electrical Operation
  • Improved Air Quality
  • Increased Operational Life Expectancy
  • Reduced Breakdown & Repair Costs
Further to the typical benefits of planned maintenance, ICH helps to deliver unique benefits through the use of modern software and technology.
Though the use of intelligent software, ICH is able to deliver a planned maintenance service that is aligned to the SFG20 standards and scope. Customers also have the opportunity to work with ICH in customising the SFG20 standard specific to their site and equipment - the scope of work is then automatically applied to all future maintenance visits. 
ICH recognises the importance of information and its value in helping customers make decisions and manage their estate. The information available on each piece of equipment, when collected and applied correctly, can be extremely powerful in helping to reduce breakdown and repair costs. 
ICH incorporates the CIBSE indicative life expectancies within its reporting software. This helps to provide customers with accurate condition reporting with the ability to produce full life span forecasting.