Designed to raise industry standards, Mitsubishi Electric's Partner Programme assures end users of a consistently high level of installation and after-sales service that supports our systems.
Our Partner Programme is inclusive and open to all qualifying companies installing air conditioning and heating. Using the world-renowned Mitsubishi Electric brand, we will train, facilitate and promote all qualifying companies as part of our aim to drive the industry forwards.
To apply your company must:
  • Be financially solvent
  • Adhere to CSR and health and safety policy
  • Share Mitsubishi Electric's philosophy, integrity and high standards
What do ICH customers receive as a benefit?
  • Extended 7 Years Warranty
  • One of Mitsubishi's best and most reliable installers
  • Assurance that you'll receive the best quality of aftercare
ICH has held Mitsubishi's Business Solutions Partner accreditation for several years and are currently undergoing an application for the Diamond Quality Partner Accreditation. Keep an eye on this page to see when Diamond Quality Partnership has been awarded and what additional benefits you'll receive as an ICH customer.
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