Risk Assessments

Bending Copper Pipe
Installation of Gas Fired Appliances
Ladders & Stepladders
Podiums & Mobile Towers
General Working at Height
Working at Height above or near Suspended Ceilings
Carrying out a Gas Soundness Test
General Electrical Work
Servicing Air Conditioning Units
Servicing Gas Fired Appliances
Servicing Oil Fired Appliances
Using a MEWP
AC Split Replacement
Boiler Replacement
Decant Pressure Test and Repair
General Working on Roof and Repair
Install Gas/Oil Fired Floor Standing Warm Air Heaters
Replace Pump or Pump Set
AC Unit Deep Clean
Change Compressor on AC unit
Gas Fired Water Heater Replacement
Install Gas Fired Overhead Radiant Tube Heaters
Install Gas/Oil Fired Overhead Warm Air Heaters
Attend a Gas Leak
Purge Gas Supply
Repair Gas Fired Appliances
Service Chillers and Cold Stores
Repair AC Appliances
Service AHUs, Fans & Fan Coils
Rescue Plan from MEWP